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Guidelines for projects

File Formats
We recommend all artwork to be supplied in press (high) quality PDF format with all fonts either embedded or outlined.
We accept for print:
CDR (Corel Draw ver 9 - x6)

We require all artwork to include a bleed area to allow for the tolerance of our guillotines. We recommend that all elements in your artwork intended to go to the very edge of your finished job should extend a further 2 mm beyond the Please do so. bleeds / traps - usually their size is 2mm on each side.
Please do not place too close to the line of cut essential design elements (text, logo, etc.) - A safe distance is 3 mm.

Colours CMYK
Please ensure that all colours and embedded images are saved using a CMYK colour profile. While RGB images look good on your screen, they will alter significantly when printed out at CMYK, make sure to design and look at your design in CMYK colours before sending it to print. This way you get no surprise's only top quality print from us.
With black backgrounds, in order to obtain the best print quality, we recommend the use of black color of the components C30%, M30%, Y30% K100%.
Please note that the same image on each monitor will be displayed in a different color, so please take care of properly calibrate the monitor. Incorrect parameter settings may prevent correct operation of its print.

Before sending the project, please replace all text to curves. We want to guarantee that when opening our document nothing changes placement or changes remotely.
To outline fonts in Adobe Illustrator,  select all the elements in your document: Select -> All and then to outline the fonts: Type -> Create Outlines.
Change the fonts to curves (CorelDRAW - CTRL + Q)

DPI / Images
Supplied images must be at least 300dpi and saved as CMYK in order for us to print to the highest level. On a scale of 1:1. Remember image sources on the internet tend to be 72dpi and RGB which are too low in resolution for printing. Re-sampling an image from 72dpi to 300dpi will not solve the problem and still not be print quality.
For banners and roll-ups we accept resolution 100 - 120 dpi. On a scale of 1:1.

If the job contains pages in different orientations (eg obverse has a horizontal orientation, and the reverse vertical) sent us the final project must include a page in one orientation (preferably obverse).

Multipage project
The work of each page of multipage project should be placed on separate pages of a document.

What we do not check!
- The content of substantive
- Graphics, text, including the quality and accuracy of the preparation of barcodes, QR, if you are not in the contract
- Aesthetic design
- Selection of colors, brightness / contrast of your photos